Friday, July 6, 2012

Ten Things About Me: Dr. Raimist

My favorite things to watch, in no particular order:

one. Leon: The Professional

two. City of God

three. Say Anything

four. The Vampire Diaries

five. River Monsters

six. Our America with Lisa Ling

seven. Dexter

You can watch the film here!

nine. POV on PBS

ten. OWN --- yes, Oprah's new (failing) network.

My favorite show (which hasn't aired in a year) is Inside the Creative Mind. Now you might think I'm obsessed with James (because of use of Titanic clip in class, but I love all the episodes, see here:

Inside James Cameron's Creative Mind
Whether propelling filmmaking to new frontiers with movies like Titanic and Avatar, or exploring the oceans mysterious secrets, James Cameron offers viewers a never-before-seen look at his remarkable career as a writer, director, producer, and innovator.

Visionaries: on Music as Medicine
Visionary songwriter, producer, performer and artist describes how music -- and not Ritalin -- is his cure for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Plus, find out what his instrument of choice is. (Hint: it's not something you can buy at a music shop).

Inside Tyler Perry's Creative Mind
Meet Tyler Perry: Writer. Director. Actor. Composer.

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