Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Assignment: Portrait of A Person, Place or Event

You will receive a hard copy of this assignment in class.

Examples of portraits of people:

[Please Note: These use "talking head" interviews (which the assignment does not allow, but the majority of the pieces feature the interview(s) used as v.o. (which is acceptable for this assignment).]

Harlem Elvis from John X. Carey on Vimeo.

Maxwell The Barber (Short Documentary) from Stephen Potter on Vimeo.

Here are examples of a portrait of a place:

Utopia, Part 3: The World's Largest Shopping Mall

Here are examples of a portrait of a person and/in a place:


Shelter from the Storm from John X. Carey on Vimeo.

The Guardian from Carly Palmour on Vimeo.

Here is an example of a portrait of an event:

D-Nice Presents: Experiencing The Dream from D-Nice on Vimeo.

2012 True School Park Jam Series Trailer from Noisemaker Media on Vimeo.

Please also see what other TCF students have done before you. Visit the right sidebar and search for a couple, but here are a few:

TCF 312 Portrait of a Place from Henry Busby on Vimeo.

The 15th Lake from Xavier Burgin on Vimeo.

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