Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Looking Forward: Assignment: REEL & ARTIST STATEMENT

For our final assignment you must edit a 1-2 minute reel of your work as a videographer - this means all the footage you have shot (in any classes or projects) is allowable. If you are low on content you may create a Director/DP reel but you must specify what you filmed and what you directed.
For your reel: Keep in mind lots of folks have many different reels for different kinds of jobs they pitch for but for this assignment, choose your favorite shots (for their look/aesthetics) and put them together in a way that represents your style and technical skills.

You are encouraged to browse old 312 sites and see what your peers have put together. Here are a few:

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Additionally post a short ARTIST STATEMENT (350-500 words) with your embedded video clip, see below for some examples of reels and artist statements.

Some sample DP reel links:

Sample Director Reel Links:

When faced with a blank page, the best thing to do is write down words that you would use to describe your work. Do the same for the process(es) you use to make your work- list out the processes you use. The next step is to start to link the words into sentences. After you write the sentences, see if you can put them together into paragraphs. If you have several bodies of work you might do this process for each body of work.
- from the Artist Foundation on how to write an artist statement

your vision
your visual style
your influences
the impact you desire to make with your work

When you want to apply for grant money for filmmakers, you will often be asked to submit an artists statement.
IFP Center for Media arts asks you to
Provide a written discussion of no more than one page describing your creative journey as an artist and your creative filmmaking process and vision.
IFP Center for Media arts asks you to See here.

Here is documentary filmmaker Chuck Olson's artist statement
Painter, poet and filmmaker Rajaa Gharbi's artist statement
Filmmaker Valerie Soe calls her artist statement her manifesto
Keith W. Cunningham shows his influences in his artist statement
Feminist Filmmaker Alex Juhasz artist statement
Scott Snibbe's is here

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