Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lecture & Exercise: Using Filters

1. READ: How, When and Why to Use a Polarizing Filter


Note: the effect of the filter and how the effect is adjusted by rotating the filter

3. GO FILM - see below!

TCF 312 – Group Exercise #2: SONY HDV with FILTERS

TCF has the following filters for SONY HDV cameras:

1. color graduated filter
2. polarizer
3. soft
4. black pro mist 
5. warm black diffusion
6. enhancing
7. gold diffusion
8. ultra contrast

Working in a group of 3 students, you are to film well-composed shots, using strong framing and compositional elements to produce visually compelling images, which speak --- think content and form discussion from class.

5 Shot Exercise Using SONY HDV and filters:
  1. Enhance the sky of a landscape
  2. Reduce glare on glass
  3. Reduce glare on water
  4. Soften a shot using a filtered effect
  5. Enhance a shot w/color or detail using a filter

  • Record color bars at the head of your tape
  • Film a visual slate w/name of camera operator (rotate who operates)
  • Film 15-20 seconds of shot w/no filter
  • Film 15-20 seconds of shot w/filter
  • Manual settings required for white balance, iris & shutter speed
  • Keep a camera log for each shot – note the shutter & iris settings
  • NO GAIN should be used in any shot!

between 12:15 and 12:30 pm!

* * * * * 

Next we move to DSLR cinematography. One of the limitations of these cameras is the moire effect. Here's a filter that eliminates it! We don't have one (yet) in TCF, but watch how it works:

Canon 7D Anti-Aliasing Filter Review - Clean! from cinema5D on Vimeo.

Here are some links about it that you should read

1. NoFilmSchool's post with Philip Bloom video about 5D filter fix

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